Art First Records

Helsinki based independent music label focusing on local underground culture.  Physical copies or digital downloads could be asked by sending e-mail to the label in which case Art First Records forwards you directly to deal with author of any given artwork. Art First Records doesn’t deal with money so everything will go directly to artists.

Do note that all works by Composer Ville Vokkolainen can be found from audio/video section of this page.


François Cotinaud & Sergio Castrillón – Accès de nuit/Night access (17 pieces)

Featuring: François Cotinaud – Tenor saxophone, clarinet & voice Sergio Castrillón – Cello & voice

LeLeToi – November Change

Featuring: Vesa Lehko – woodwinds & objects, Markku Toikkanen – electric guitar, Ari ”Reiska” Lehtinen – double bass

Sergio Castrillón – Improvised and composed in real time pieces for campanula and saturations

Cadell-Castrillón Trio

Featuring: Adam Cadell – violin, Natalia Castrillón – harp, Sergio Castrillón – cello








































Hemmo Siponen – Hyphen









































Rieko Okuda & Antti Virtaranta – Live at Studio I

-Featuring: Rieko Okuda: Wooden flute, voice and keyboards, Antti Virtaranta: Acoustic bass guitar







































Jyrki Lehto & Markku Toikkanen – Just Visitin’

-Featuring: Jyrki Lehto: Moog guitar and Devices, Markku Toikkanen: Electric and Electroacoustic guitar





































Sergio Castrillón – Chamber and Electronic Works III (2013-2016)

-Featuring: Harri Kuusijärvi – accordion, Solveig Parikka – violin, Saara Viika – cello, Ville Loikala – double bass, Fátima Boix – clarinet, Sergio Castrillón – cello






































-Digital download: 8€

-CD-R (handmade with recycled materials): 15€

LeLe: Midsummer Nights Dream

-Featuring: Vesa Lehko – woodwinds, Ari ”Reiska” Lehtinen – double bass



































Roomet Jakapi – De partibus essentialibus brutorum. In four parts

-Featuring: Roomet Jakapi – vocals, live electronics, toys






























Experts From The Underground – World Music Lectures 1 & 3

-Featuring: Joonas Leppänen – drums, Keijo Koskenharju – percussions, Eero Tikkanen – bass, Lauri Hyvärinen – electric guitar, Ella Tahkolahti – keyboards, Tuukka Haapakorpi – keyboards/programming, Otso Björklund – programming, Juuso Kontiola – modular synthesizer, Sergio Castrillon – cello, Meri Hietala – violin, Ville Vokkolainen – instructions.


































-Streaming only


-Featuring: Artsi – voice and lyrics, Vokkolainen – tracks




















Full album available only as CD-r: 10€

Alf Forsman, Tapani Varis & Eero Savela – Atmosfärg

-Featuring: Alf Forsman – drums, Tapani Varis – bass, Eero Savela – trumpet






















CD-R: 10€

NoDoc – NowoN

-Featuring: Erkki Joutseno – Drums, loopers, samplers, Markku Toikkanen – Guitar, loopers




































Tuukka Haapakorpi – Finland 2018

































-Streaming only (for now)

Castrillón/Kääriäinen/Pignon – Soluble

-Featuring: Paul Pignon – Woodwinds & voice, Jukka Kääriäinen – Guitar, Sergio Castrillón – Cello

















-Streaming only

Veikki Trio – The Lost Album

Featuring: Veikki Virkajärvi – Guitar, Janne Tuovinen – Bass, Jesse Ojajärvi – Drums





























-Streaming only

Sergio Castrillón – Koipuu (Music for contemporary circus)





















-YouTube only (some physical CDs coming shortly)

Maximilian Latva – Hrön




























-Streaming only

ElWooDrum – TraConFriEdEx

-Featuring: Markku Toikkanen – electric guitar, Vesa Lehko – woodwinds, Wyatt Laprairie – drums.
































-Streaming only


-Featuring: Anne-Liis Poll – voice, vietnamese jewʼs harp, dan moi and percussion, Anto Pett – piano and prepared piano, Sergio Castrillón – cello



















-Digital download 8€

-CDs coming shortly

Johannes Sarjasto – Digital Synthesizer Music Vol. 1

-Featuring: Johannes Sarjasto – composition, novation x- station 25


















-CD-R could be requested

Artturi Rönkä – Piano I

-Featuring: Artturi Rönkä – Piano & smartphone looper































-YouTube only

Usva – Folder

-Featuring: Jone Takamäki – Woodwinds, Lauri Hyvärinen – Electric guitar, preparations, objects, Naoto Yamagishi – Snare drum, symbal, objects.

























-YouTube only

Eero Tikkanen – Sweatin’ at Studio 1

-Featuring: Eero Tikkanen – Double Bass
























-Streaming only (for now)

Jukka Kääriäinen – Demoiselle

-Featuring: Jukka Kääriäinen – Electric guitars


























-CD-Rs available

Sergio Castrillón – Chamber and Electronic Works I (2008-2010 FULL ALBUM)











-Digital download: 8€

-CD-R (handmade with recycled materials): 15€

LAKI & Roomet Jakapi: Hot Night In Tallinn

Featuring: Johannes Sarjasto – Electronics, Objects, Saxophone, Keijo Koskenharju – Objects & Percussions, Roomet Jakapi – Voice & Electronics
















-Digital download 5€

Johannes Sarjasto: Divine Madness

Featuring: Johannes Sarjasto – Flutes, Samples, Drum Maxhine, Fart Whistle, Percussions, Synths, Piano, Lauri Kallio – Electric Guitar, Percussions, Kalle Timonen – Keyboards, Percussions, Keijo Koskenharju – Percussions, Ilmari Heikinheimo – Percussions, Flute Otto Eskelinen – Alto Saxophone, Roomet Jakapi – Voice






-Digital download 5€

Sandy Ewen & Lauri Hyvärinen: Finnish Dinner

Featuring: Sandy Ewen: Electric Guitar/Objects, Lauri Hyvärinen: Acoustic Guitar/Objects



























-CD-R 5€

Laponia Improvisations Ensemble: Saving HMS Honesty

Featuring: Sirpa Jokinen: electronics, Vesa Lehko: tenor saxophone, Otso Björklund: bass, Michael Sagulin: viola, Ari Lehtinen: double bass, Sergio Castrillon: cello










-YouTube only

Korno: Saanan Aala

Featuring: Pauli Lyytinen: woodwinds & objects, Jukka Kääriäinen: acoustic and prepared guitars, Teppo Hauta-aho: basses, cello and objects























-CD-R 15€

Harri Kuusijärvi: A Live















-Digital download 5€

Ricardo Arias & Sergio Castrillón Live at Studio 1

Featuring: Ricardo Arias: balloons, sponges, electronics and crackle box & Sergio Castrillón: cello.








-YouTube only

Maximilian Latva: Kuboaa



-Streaming only

Lauri Hyvärinen: Trukki


Physical copies of the album (CD or cassette) could be ordered straight from:

-Digital Download: 4€

-Cassette: 5€

-CD-R: 5€

Sergio Castrillón: Solo Improv Project









-YouTube only

The Jazzburgers: (+358)400845304

Musicians of this ensemble are unknown for the label.







-Voluntary donation for digital download

Johannes Sarjasto: Patvi





-Digital download 5€

Sergio Castrillón: Chamber and Electronic Works II (2011-2013)

Featuring: Sergio Castrillón: cello, electronics and compositions, Natalia Castrillón: harp, Clara Petrozzi: viola













-Digital download: 8€

-CD-R (handmade with recycled materials): 15€

Experts from the Underground: Idiomatic Music

Featuring: Ville Vokkolainen: keyboards & composition, Keijo Koskenharju: percussions, Ella Tahkolahti: drums, piano & pump organ, Maximilian Latva: electric guitar, Johannes Sarjasto: keyboards, Eero Tikkanen: electric bass












-YouTube only

Lauri Hyvärinen: Ipso Kuutala:

featuring: Lauri Hyvärinen: acoustic guitar, objects and electronics














Physical copies of the album (CD or cassette) could be ordered straight from:

-Digital Download: 4€

-Cassette: 5€

-CD-R: 5€

Jörn Bielfeldt: JBXDR – EP No1:

featuring: Jörn Bielfeldt: drums and electronics