Laponia Improvisations

Laponia Improvisations is a Helsinki based alternative music school that provides improvising and composing classes; the goal beeing in making own music. The permanent teachers besides Ville Vokkolainen are Sergio Castrillon (contemporary cellist/composer) and Pauli Lyytinen (contemporary saxophone player/composer). Under each term there are also internationally acclaimed visitors. Past visitors have included Raoul Björkenheim, Mika Pohjola and Riko Saatsi.



The improvisation classes are held in Punavuori and composing in Malmi. We organize a few concerts per termin in different clubs in Helsinki for the solo and group performances of the ”students”.

Tuition fee is 350€.

Feel free to contact us via e-mail: laponia.improvisations(a)

For more information visit our homepage or/and facebook!



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