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Ville Vokkolainen is a Finnish classically driven composer/electric guitarist operating within multiple genres of music, music technology and music production. He is also founder of Laponia Improvisations education institute and Art First Records record label.

As a classically trained composer he has worked on combining possibilities of musical liberalism to highly concentrated processes of European classical music. The first CD based on Vokkolainens classical works was released during fall 2016 and could be heard from Art First Records facebook & webpage. More recent works have often been centered around musical banalism, world view created by neo-liberalism and cultural phenomenons of so called post-internet era.

Vokkolainen’s debut album Ville Vokkolainen’s Panda Unit (recorded between 2008 & 2010) presents him as a composer and electric guitarist and was released by Turkish improvised music label Re:konstruKt (2011). Other members of Panda Unit include American born bass player Dylan Coleman and Japanese drummer Ryo Noritake. Vokkolainen’s second album Ville Vokkolainen & Kadotettujen Paratiisi was released during spring 2014. The more current Ville Vokkolainen & Kusipäät line up is even bigger ensemble and was formed to produce series of albums around the topic ”21th century I” during 2015. the Band has by far released two albums (both could be listened through Art First Records section of this page).

First electronic based album Ville Vokkolainen – EDM Superstar was also released during 2016 followed by 50 CD Box set ”Ville Vokkolainen Slowing Down Stuff” and double CD ”How To Become An Individual” including Piano Concerto no 1 and Post-Colonial Love Affair. Other releases of 2017 include House Music and Idiomatic Music. Latter performed by the band Experts From the Underground.


Most of the recent albums and recorded pieces could be found from Art First Records section of this website. Among complete portfolio this section also include sound clips of my past works (mostly for other record labels):

– Enigma for Cello, 2013 (second performance of the piece by Sergio Castrillon).

– Enigma for Accordion, 2012 (Finnish premiere performed by Phenomenal Harri Kuusijärvi).

– Enigma for two cellos and harp (recording from its world premiere in Colombia by magnificent Trio Cassag)


– V (Panda Unit)

– Umay? (Ville Vokkolainen & Kadotettujen Paratiisi) 

Composition Portfolio (selected works):

Metelia (2008) for classical guitar

Enigma for Electric Guitar and Violin (2009)

5 Enigmas for Piano (2010)

Breathe for Woodwind Quintet (2010)

Fuguetta for Brass Quintet (2010)

Vaelto for Large String Orchestra (2010)

Ville Vokkolainen’s Panda Unit (2011)

Where am I for Sinfonietta (2011)

3 Pieces for Voice (2011)

3 Thoughts (3 pieces for Electric Guitar) (2011)

1983 (2011)

Enigma for Concert Accordeon (2012)

Phase for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon (2012)

Product Failure for electric guitar quartet (2012)

Enigma for Piano (2012)

Enigma for Guitar (2012)

Enigma for Electric Guitar (2012)

Enigma for Cembalo (2012)

Enigma for Cello (2013)

Open (2013)

Enigma for Oboe and Bassoon (2013)

Enigma for Alto Saxophone (2013)

Enigma for Oboe (2013)

Fractals for Accordion, Violin and Cello (2013)

Fractals for Harp and two cellos (2013)

Enigma for Violin (2013)

Ville Vokkolainen & Kadotettujen Paratiisi (2014)

Combined for Accordion, Bass and Drums (2014)

Free Fall for Harpsichord (2014)

Stubb for Electric Guitar (2014)

Enigma for Viola (2014)

Freedom Reconsidered for Cello (2014)

Dictated for Accordion (2014)

Dictated for Piano (2014)

Freedomized for horn and voice (2014)

Suicide Note (2014)

Tone Poem (for guitar orchestra 2015)

Eki Vikman tekee töitä (for employee Eki Vikman 2015)

Composition (2015)

Ville Vokkolainen & Kusipäät: I (osa 1) (2016)

Music for Home of Heart documentary (2016)

Seeking for Solution (for any solo instrument 2016)

Ville Vokkolainen – EDM Superstar (2016)

Ville Vokkolainen: Chamber Works (2016)

Miehemme Maailmalla (for violin or viola or cello & electronics 2016)

Ville Vokkolainen & Kusipäät: I (osa 2) (2017)

Idiomatic Music (2017)

Experts from the Underground: Idiomatic Music (2017)

Piano Concerto (How to Become an Individual) (2017)

House Music (2017)

Quartet (for electric guitar quartet, 2017)


Currently under commission:

accordion concerto, music for finnish/african documentary film, chamber concerto for oboe and book of pieces for classical guitar. Also working on two albums for two different ensembles.


Laponia Improvisations is a Helsinki based alternative music school that provides improvising and composing classes; the goal beeing in making own music. The permanent teachers besides Ville Vokkolainen are Sergio Castrillon (contemporary cellist/composer) and Pauli Lyytinen (saxophonist/composer). Under each term there are also internationally acclaimed visitors. Past visitors have included Raoul Björkenheim, Mika Pohjola and Riko Saatsi.

The improvisation classes are held in Punavuori and composition in Malmi. We organize a few concerts per termin in different clubs in Helsinki for the solo and group performances of the “students”.

Tuition fee is 350€.

For all the questions concerning Laponia Improvisations please send e-mail to or visit out facebook or webpage:



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